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drama.chaos.tears. cheers to teenage years! [entries|friends|calendar]

Me :)

18.F.AWESOME. & that's all you need to know.♥ haha, kidding. more here. so uhm, how bout you try and rock my socks? btw, layout looks hotter on firefox


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    im not dead [
    oh my gosh it's a Monday!!!
    shake it till 6:03 am
    haha, although a lot of you probably think i am. anyways, been working on a new lj which will be up real soon. ill post when im done, k? love all of you who still kept me :)
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    shocking. :( [
    oh my gosh it's a Friday!!!
    shake it till 1:41 pm
    i saw on ET and The Insider that Croc Hunter's dead. I know it's a super sad thing and call me
    evil but when my sister first told me about it I laughed cause I didn't believe her especially when she said he died cause a sting ray bit him or something. that's a pretty lame way to die but it's really sad especially since his kids are so young. Besides, i grew up watching him, and watching people spoof him. I'm gonna miss seeing him in his brown uniform and funny Australian accent taking on creepy creatures. yea well I forgot his real name so REST IN PEACE CROC HUNTER. you will be remembered. <3
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    ahh. [
    oh my gosh it's a Tuesday!!!
    shake it till 9:02 pm
    [ mood | boo ]

    omg! sorry for the lack of update.

    anyways, i have a new addiction & it's watching episodes of The Simple Life4: Till Death do us Part on YouTube cause we don't have it on TV here yet. i think it's the best SEASON ever cause Paris & Nicole seem so much funnier when they're being bitches to each other. i have no idea why though. LOL.

    oh and i saw the saddest thing today. As I was sitting at the backseat of our car on my way home, i saw this guy riding a bike & he was DRAGGING a dog by the neck with it. okay let me rephrase that, This guy was riding his bike right? and attached to the back part of his bike was a stick. the other end of the stick has this wire wrapped around some poor dog's neck & the dog was being dragged (like the way Hector was dragged by Achilles in that one movie, Troy) and he wasn't even standing anymore cause who knows for how long and how fast the stupid guy has been going. His last resort was to bite off the stick which was hopeless. The guy's bike also had a little sidecar where there was this dead dog just laying there so i didn't even dare to stop the car cause that guy was creepy. I hate animal cruelty, they're freaking helpless. I mean, i hate FROGS. I HATE HATE THEM but i could never dissect them even if my Science Grade depended on it. it's just so sad that some people in this lame ass country think it's funny to torture these poor things. Some people here even eat DOGS with their beer and that is just SOO FUCKING SAD. i feel like crying right now. gosh i know i seem shallow but if you saw that dog, i just wish i could've done something. i just wish that guy would die in the very same way. i swear the PI is one fucked up place. grr.

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    no. 1 with a bullet.. [
    oh my gosh it's a Thursday!!!
    shake it till 8:31 am
    [ mood | makeup!! ]

    today's prep day. basically my sister & i would be trying out hair & makeup for tomorrow and writing down our speeches for Desai. This week has been really nice to me since i get Thursdays and Fridays off and classes were suspended last Mon&Tues so basically i had one day of school. beat that. LOL.

    anywaysss, got the results of our exams and i did pretty good! even on the ones i thought i'd fail, i didn't just pass i got a good grade, so that makes me happy. :)i wanted to try the chocolate chip frap from Starbucks but Noelle & George kept insisting that it wasn't good and that "it just tastes like Camille's(my sister) iced coffe with bits of oreo in it" so i took their word & just got the vanilla one--w/chocolate. yumm. afterwards we went to george's house and made music videos & put them on YouTube. it was sooo much fun.

    oh and i just found out that this guy i have a crush on who'll also be going to Desai's party wanted to carpool with George (since he's good friends with him) and i was like "BUT WE"RE ALL(me. noelle, george and my sister or as my older sister likes to call us: THE FAB FOUR. LOL) GOING TOGETHER!!" and george said he could tell him he'll just be carpooling with us too, but i felt sorry for him so i guess i'm cool with that.

    also, this one guy in my class who's always cheery and nice, well his mom died last week so he wasn't able to take the exams but yesterday he went back to school & surprise surprise!! he's still all cheery and shit. how is that possible, i swear? i would proably commit suicide if my mom died. LOL. well no seriously, i won't be able to manage. anyways, George was all "don't treat him any different or in a special way cause that would just make him remember that his mom died" but Noelle who would always flirt with him before, and i mean FLIRT upon seeing him again called him in her happy tone and when he smiled and stopped Noelle walked up to him and was all "ARE YOU OKAY?" wtf? she wasn;t even supposed to know about it cause she wasn't even in my class. haha, i had to laugh it off but i felt sorry for him he just nodded and proceeded on going down the stairs. no one's really asked him about it yet...guess we all think it's kinda awkward.

    well that was pretty long, i'm gonna go start my day now.♥


    my new hair!!! CLICK!Collapse )

    *i still haven't decided on how i'm going to wear my hair tomorrow. PREP day was completely wasted & turned into SLEEP day cause that's basically what i did for the whole day & i started right after i had breakfast. YES, IM A PIG!! :( oh well, tomorrow will be busy & crazy. gaah. and George decided he'd just carpool with me so YAY! cause then i'd be able to use his Mascara which i LOVE cause they make your lashes 500x longer...i think. :) hehe, goodnight people!

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    some other time. [
    oh my gosh it's a Tuesday!!!
    shake it till 11:21 am
    [ mood | blah. ]

    so it's final, i'm not going to the PCD concert. my aunt got me tickets but they're like the second to the last row or something & i'm soo not putting up with that. Oh well, maybe I was really meant to go to Desai's debut party. I went out & bought her a pretty heart necklace today, i also went & bought myself a top to go with my skirt & new school shoes cause my old ones are shit. My mom's going though..with some of her friends, just for the sake of it. she's even asking me to teach her dance steps to DONCHA cause she LOVES that song & i'm like :"MOM!!! no!!"

    and after the longest time i actually got to see One Tree Hill today!! that episode where they had a cancer benefit concert at club TRIC & fall out boy was there!! Pete was like "flirting" with Peyton and omg, he's such a cutie. i love how right before they played he went: " we love your breasts so make sure you take good care of them". LOL. classes have been suspended since yesterday but i'm assuming not until tomorrow, not that i miss going to school or anything.
    oh yea, i CUT MY HAIR!! yes, it's SHORT now. i'm not sure i'm crazy about it but i love change so oh well. :) FRIDAY is party day & hopefully it'll be as windy minus the rain cause it's gonna be outdoors. expect pictures!!:p♥

    one last thing: my sister's coming to visit tonight & she promised she'd bring my niece. i miss them both so much & i'm soo excited. ok bye.

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